What to expect from my appointment?

Every bride that visit’s the boutique is important; I want to get to know you and your personality, what you have in mind about THE dress. Which venue you have chosen? What your wedding theme is, or your likes, and dislikes. Getting a good picture of who you are really helps when it comes to finding the perfect dress. You will then have time to start looking through the dresses, and you can let me know which ones you want to try on. We will talk about the styles, fabrics and colours you like. I will explain the options for each gown you see, and will encourage you to try different styles. You will be totally free to choose the dresses yourself, and may suggest you try something else to open your mind up to other styles that I feel may suit you.

During an appointment, you will receive 90 minutes of my undivided attention, but obviously I will not rush you if you need a little longer. This can often be long enough when trying on wedding gowns, and can also be tiring and overwhelming. Time may be shortened slightly during weekends, and I provide a variety of other appointment options as well so please ask when you want to book. Appointments for re-try’s or fittings can be arranged direct with the boutique. Once your own gown has arrived in store, appointments to try on your own gown will be 1 hour; you are more than welcome to try on any accessories that you have purchased during this appointment.

As lovely as it is to involve as many people as possible when going dress shopping, I would advise you to limit your guests to 5 people (including the bride) to allow yourself to be focused and able to think clearly. Bring people who know you well and who’s opinions you trust. The boutique is small and this means every body will have a seat during your appointment. Too many opinions can often be quite confusing to a bride to be, and after all it’s all about you!

Just yourself and your excitement! All of the dresses will be provided, along with a selection of, veils, hair accessories and jewellery that can be used during your appointment. I will help fit the gowns in a private changing room. If you have a special pair of shoes, please feel free to bring these along, there will be a raised podium for you to stand on to get an idea of the height required.

PLEASE NOTE: No fake tan, as the dresses need to be kept in pristine condition for future brides to try on.

Dress sample sizes come in sizes 10 – 30. Designs are limited to certain sizes, however we will still be able to give you an idea of how they will look if they are not your size. All of the dresses can be made to measure up to a size 30 and once ordered take 12 weeks to be in store. There can often be loan dresses from some of my designers that could only be in the boutique for a short period of time, so please be aware that dresses will ultimate frequently. Loan dresses will be either in a size 10 or 16, but all of these loan dresses are available for purchase in sizes 6-30 also.

It is always useful to wear similar underwear that you will be wearing on the day, so you can feel comfortable in the dresses you try on. Keep them to white or nude. The right underwear for your dress can be crucial and there are certain styles of dresses that our seamstress can add with internal bra strap around your back if needed to give you the feeling of security if you’re wearing a strapless gown.

Unfortunately, due to copyrights our designers are not fond of their dresses being snapped, therefore, there is an iPad in store which photos can be taken of your favourites but ask that you keep in mind the dresses you are trying on may not be the correct size, or colour and will not fit you like the brand new gown you would be purchasing. Therefore try to remember the feeling you have in a gown and not rely on images.

As much as it’s lovely getting to know your little ones, the showroom and boutique is full of delicate items that our suppliers have spent time making for couples and brides. Please ensure that children are suitably supervised at all times. Well behaved children are welcome and I will try to help you keep them amused as much as possible, but please keep in mind we are a bridal boutique and not a “safe” zone for playing in. I also ask for calmness and respect for others, there may be other brides and their families in the shop, who have the right to enjoy their time without interruption.

Bridal Gossip holds a strict policy of no food and drink in the boutique during your appointment, unless given by the boutique. With every appointment made at Bridal Gossip Boutique you will be welcomed with a lovely glass of Prosecco and Tea and coffee is also available in the Showroom downstairs whilst you are looking around.

Try to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes to your appointment as it can get a little crowded but equally there is only a short amount of time so please do try to understand if you arrive late we cannot always extend your appointment time to accommodate. If you do arrive early, there is plenty to see in the showroom room downstairs so be sure to take a good look around! Ask loads of questions, we are all here to help and to be apart of the planning stages!

You may have been told every brides bursts into tears when they find their perfect gown. Just remember trying on wedding dresses can be a tiring experience, and it’s likely you will try on a few before you get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. You may not get that overwhelming feeling straight away, so don’t worry as every bride is different. Tissues are available in the boutique, as I do love a good emotional moment if Mum or Nan starts me off! Be realistic when it comes to finding the dress for you. This process could start by knowing what you don’t like so please don’t get put off or disappointed. A lot of brides put a lot of pressure on themselves to believe that when they put THE dress on that they will just ‘know’ it’s the dress, it doesn’t always happen like this, a lot of brides need to sleep on it and then decide, there is no right or wrong.

To place an order, I require a non-refundable deposit of 50%. The remaining balance is due when your dress arrives in store. Payments can be made in store via credit/debit card, or we also accept bank transfers, details provided at the time of purchase. 

We do not offer an in house alterations service, however we do work with an highly talented seamstress who is self employed and independent of Bridal Gossip.

I look forward to welcoming you to Bridal Gossip Boutique x